Bridge the gap

with your players

Understand your players' behavior.
Optimize their experience.

To the moon

SemanticLens technology

Adaptive Gameplay

Real-time optimization of your game based on current player's profile. Use player segmentation when needed to adapt your game's response in the field.

GameFlow Analysis

See important KPIs bubble up in a meaningful way. Pinpoint your players' WOW! moments. Know when they hit a wall. Prioritize needed improvements.


Harness the power of the latest and greatest techniques in Big Data analysis to get the competitive edge with predictive analytics specifically oriented at games.

How it works


Autofire SDK

Download the Autofire SDK, include it in your project and fire the one-liner initialization. You are now good to go for all the basic metrics


Event Generation

As players progress through the game, your events are fired automatically and reported to our cloud service for storing and analysis


Actionable Insights

Autofire uses advanced algorithms to analyze your data and provide you an intuitive dashboard with actionable insights and your game's flow

What you gain


engagement and monetization

Understand why and where in your game enhancements should be made to make your product more enjoable and worthy.


churn and save players

Get an accurate and insightful prediction on which aspects of your game tend to create more or less loyalty.


how you model your game

Study your game's flow though meaningful visulizations to see which points are weaker or need redesigning.


your users behaviorally

Know which of your players are big spenders, loyal, or just passing through and serve them content accordingly.


reporting and analysis

Keep track of your game in the field, the adoption of its newest version, or the rate of new players, live.


valuable info

Use your custom events as keywords to create powerful reports that are filtered on data that make sense to your game.